Spring Theme Event Ideas

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. The trees begin to take shape and turn green once again and the flowers slowly start to wake up from their winters sleep. Spring is all about starting out fresh and having blossoming joy in your life.

Why not add an element of Spring in to your next event to bring freshness and life to your party. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the theme, but try throwing in some of the elements to bring your next party to the next level.

Luckily, Swank Productions have some great tips to help you create a fresh Spring feel.


You’re going to want really light colors along with some smooth pastel colors. The first colors that spring to mind (excuse the pun!) are duck-egg blues, fresh yellows and glorious greens. Keep the tone of the colors light. You don’t want too many dark colors dragging down the fresh and positive energy. You can have these colors on fabrics and decorations.

spring 2

Spring 1



Spring is a time when flowers begin to grow into season and brighten up our lives. In my opinion, it is so important to have bright, beautiful and youthful looking flowers. Daisy’s and daffodil’s are a perfect example of flowers that represent spring. Anything with vibrant colors will be sure to bring a new energy of life to your party.

Florals are a must for Spring!



Food and Drink

spring 4An exciting food that is fresh for spring is cherries.  Lovely colored fruits are so fresh in this season and the bright colors allow the fruit to become like an edible decoration. Healthy foods are a must for the “Rebirth” season. Sticking to fresh and colorful fruit and vegetables will be a hit. Any other cold foods that are fresh are encouraged here.

spring 3



















Be as creative as possible with all the colors, incorporate them into everything you do. If you’re looking to bring your party to the next level, be sure to get in contact with Swank Productions.

Also, check out our Swank Decor Sale on pinterest to purchase decorations for any event that you may be hosting.

 Swank Productions event planning and design main site:http://www.swankproductions.com/
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Passover Ideas

Passover starts Monday evening.

But sometimes Passover can seem so ‘steeped in tradition’ that it feels like there’s no room for any  ‘fun’ or’modern’ design details.

But you know me… I always like to push the envelope (or the afikomen) lol!

If you’re being hosted by someone then a thank you gift will be needed!  This year I’m really loving these chocolate dipped matzos from Fatty Sundays 










They are super cute and super sweet and can be customized by picking colored glitter too….and if you want to do a project with your kids this weekend it seems like a really easy and fun project to make at home!

If you’re the hostess ( and setting a formal table with place cards) I made these personalized matzo place cards ( with chocolate lettering) for everyone last year and they were a huge hit!










If you’re looking for something quick and easy, I’ve also made these matzo napkin holders. Print out a full page of a matzo graphic, choose the napkin fold you prefer and you can write each persons name with a marker!










Remember, it’s the little details that make the big wow moments!

If your looking for more ideas check out our Passover Pinterest Board


Top 10 Spring Wedding Decor & Design Ideas

Spring is FINALLY here!

After what seemed like the longest, coldest, most dreary of winters EVER… April is finally here and thank goodness so is Spring!  And with Spring comes Spring Weddings, Parties & Events!

What I love about spring ties in directly to what I love about event design….the Transformation!  Spring is all about the transformation from the emptiness and cold of winter to the new promise and beauty of spring.  The same goes for event design.  I love…ok I get a complete THRILL…when I get to take an empty venue or a blank table and create a vision of Springs Beauty!

Here are my top 10 favorite spring events