Halloween Color Trends

Color trends for Halloween have been stuck for a long time in the candy-corn / black-cat palette – a treat for kids but tricky for adults. Our new vision for stylish wickedness takes the color trend to an aesthetic as refined as fine sugar and as indulgent as a pillowcase full of candy.
The seasons themselves are color trends, and here is Autumn at dusk – beet-stained fingers by kitchen candle light, the last ripened plums before the frost, a sweep of shadow in the clouds, a pale and golden moon about to rise – cool, rich, dark, and magical.
These color trends – unlike the black and orange stripes of old – translate beautifully into any area where color is to be found – from woolen sweaters and chunky scarves to stockings, nail polish, eye shadow and lipsticks, or even as an accent wall in the home. Playing with textures and layering adds depth and narrative to these hues, so get creative! And if you can find a pumpkin in ANY of these colors we’d LOVE to know!

Halloween as a Corporate Holiday Party

Halloween as a Corporate Holiday Party?  Why not?  If you don’t want to go the typical ‘Winter Wonderland’ Company Holiday Party then doing a Halloween themed event for your employees and favorite clients is a great way to get the holiday season started!

Here are a few photos of an event we did at Home Studio.  Home is a great event venue for many reasons but what I loved about it was the entire venue is focused around a huge communal kitchen in the center.  That gave us the ability to go full on culinary gore….

Don’t eat before looking! :)








Halloween Entertainment – Blood Manor!

Things that go bump in the night…

I love Halloween.  LOVE IT!  And while my costuming choices tend toward the glamorous and fantastical, I love to see a good zombie or decomposing hog beast lurking in the shadows too. Blood Manor’s Press release party served up the latter in spades.  Billed as ‘New York’s Premier Haunted Attraction’ Blood Manor delivers the blood-soaked goods with creativity, dedication and high production value.

Their cast of characters (who we’ve hired for our Halloween events) is truly dedicated to their craft. I’m not easily spooked, but who (or WHATEVER!) inhabited the aforementioned hog-beast costume had the lurking down to an artful science, appearing behind me soundlessly, and invading my personal space with a hushed and palpable menace – so disconcerting I had to get away! The dark hallways left Braden and I clutching to each other for dear life, but the 3D paint room brought us to our senses…and then blew us away! Their Haunted House is a well conceived and richly produced theatre-piece, absorbing, detailed, terrifying and wonderfully fun.

For anyone who thinks that the ‘slutty witch’ or ‘slutty nun’ or ‘slutty slut’ costume is only scary because of how devoid of inspiration and creativity is, Blood Manor’s experience is an absolute must – a horror film for the artist and intellect alike. Enjoy the feast!

by Colin Whitfield – Swank Event Designer