Great Venues for Holiday Parties

It may be only the first week of October but corporate holiday party planning is in full swing! And for some of the hottest venues in New Yok dates are starting to run out.
There are of course dozens of venues that I LOVE for corporate events…but here are some of the ones we’ve recently had fun celebrating the holiday season in.

Angel Oresanz Center









Angel Orensanz is a 1849 synagogue, modeled after the Cathedral of Cologne.  It has a gothic style with an amazing gold-leaf altar, vaulted ceiling and surrounding mezzanine. It once was the studio of Spanish sculptor Angel Orensanz, but now hosts arts events, performances, and private events (most famously the wedding of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick)











The Desmond Tutu Center is a beautifully charming  restored historic 19th-century Gothic structure   True old world style, dark woods, vaulted ceiling with sophisticated 21st-century comforts.


Studio 450







Studio 450 is a gorgeous all white open loft space on the 12th floor of an industrial building on the west side.  With a second floor that has wrap around terrace, this amazingly bright and sunny space is a blank pallate for any event design and perfect for winter holiday parties.


The Puck Building










The Puck Building is a former commercial space with two magnificent floors of venue space perfect for you winter holiday events.  With exposed brink, high ceilings and gorgeous floor to ceiling arched windows this venue can be transformed into anything your mind can come up with.



Gotham Hall was the former headquarters of the Greenwich Savings Bank.  It is a gorgeous venue for corporate events and boasts a magnificent Art Deco ballroom with a seven-story-tall grand vaulted dome ceiling, enormous Corinthian columns and majestic marble floors.

These are of course just a TINY FEW of my favorite venues for hosting a holiday party or corporate event this season.  What are some of your favorites?  Let us know!



Winter Wonderland Corporate Holiday Party at Gotham Hall

Winter Wonderland Holiday Event at Gotham Hall

Corporate holiday party theme takes SWANK’s designs to the ends of the earth.

How to transform a space is always the challenge, and particularly challenging when that space is as grand as the ballroom space at Gotham Hall.  For this corporate client , we were tasked with transforming the colossal room into a party theme drawing inspiration from the arctic.  As far as corporate holiday party themes go, ‘Winter Wonderland’ is one of our favorites and an excellent choice for an office holiday party – non-denominational, seasonal, and rich with decorative possibilities.

Tables were sheathed in lustrous silver lamour linens, with votives ensconced in mounded acrylic ice fragments and drifted swirling artificial snow – the juxtaposition of fire and ice as dynamic and beautiful as ever.

Massive eight-foot tall emperor penguins flanked the doorway and greeted guests with their trademark black-tie sophistication.  Their brethren flocked the room, paired off in smaller sizes as centerpieces on the icy tabletops – his and hers penguins with he in bow tie, she in vintage jewels – their very presence added humor and festivity to a party theme which could easily have gone cold.  Standing sentry atop the bar, another eight foot pair seemed to be taking it all in with characteristic aloofness.

To finish the theme, and transform the space completely, SWANK partnered with legendary NYC Lighting design team Bentley Meeker, who made good use of the soaring, vaulted dome.  Using state of the art laser-cut gobos, their team projected a boreal forest of festive evergreen shapes around the ceiling, simultaneously projecting swirling snow dust and oversized six-point snowflakes onto the walls.  With an aurora borealis color story, and a youthful graphic style, the massive space was transformed into a kind of real life snow globe – awe inspiring, dramatic, but also whimsical and fun – all of which your next party should be!

Baby’s Breath. YES Baby’s Breath

There are a few flowers that in my opinion get a really bad rap. (*more of this list to come)
Baby’s Breath is probably at the top of that list.

The poor bodega flower has built a reputation of being the “cheap filler flower”
BUT the truth is if you use ANY FLOWER (en mass) by themselves they are always breathtaking! And Baby’s Breath is no different (and to most a surprising reality!) used in the arrangements you’d get at a grocery store, bodegas and unfortunately still some flower shops. ( And because its primarily used as a way to mask the small amount of flowers they are bundled with it always makes me think of a cheap date. )

If you look at Baby’s Breath up close you’ll see it’s actually a beautiful, delicate and very romantic grouping of flowers. To me there’s something ethereal and kind of effervescent about them. They feel almost cloud like. Really perfect for a modern romantic wedding.

So the next time you see Baby’s Breath give it a closer look.  I am here to attest that Baby’s Breathe (done right) CAN be elegant, gorgeous and unforgettable!
*And Yes Baby’s Breath does have a strange (un flower like) scent however in a large open space such as this one it was completely undetectable.

Cupcake Alternatives!

I am loving these awesome alternative to the now (TOO typical) tiered cupcake display!

***Come on Brides….lets start a much needed NEW TREND!

Here are some ideas I Love:

Sprinkles Custom Cakes just introduced Cake Shooter, a push-up pop with three layers of cake and icing. The shooters are available in four flavors: Yellow Raspberry Swirl, Pina Colada, O.M.G. (a mix of raspberry swirl and chocolate buttercream icing), and the Sprinkles Signature (vanilla Bavarian cream and white icing). The label on each pop can be customized with a company logo or message for no additional charge, though a week’s notice is required They also have a super cute and interactive Sprinkles Mobile

Another cute (and local) idea is your very own Ice Cream Truck like this one we did outside of Gotham Hall in NYC.

Cake Pops are decedent little cakes on a stick that are as yummy as they are cute. Each Cake Pop is made to order so you can make it any cake flavor, any color fondant on the outside and any design detail on top!

And if you’re not into cake at all…how about Ice Pops or Shaved Ice!

Peoples Pops transforms local sustainably grown fruits and herbs into Popsicles (they do pretty awesome shaved ice too!)
What are some of your new ideas to do for dessert…. instead of the Cupcake? I’d love to hear!xoxo~Maya