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Beautiful Chandeliers


Because it is Wednesday, (being the middle of the week, we like to call it hump day!) today’s blog will focus on a fun and interesting topic: Chandeliers.

Most of our events will include one type of chandelier, sometimes maybe two, but for one couple, that just wasn’t enough. This couple decided to go all out and have the venue covered in different types of chandeliers hanging over the dinner tables, almost like hanging centerpieces.

The best words to describe this wedding is Extravagant and Glamorous!

Chandelier 4Chandelier 2


Chandelier 3These chandeliers are really elegant. We had so much fun using these chandeliers to create a gothic and romantic wedding atmosphere at Edison Ballroom.

Chandeliers can be used to exaggerate and bring out a theme. The following are examples of non-tradition, creative chandeliers that we have used in the past to make the theme and color stand out:

Chandelier 5

Chandelier 6

You can view more pictures of the Chandelier Wedding here.


If you, or anyone you know, has been recently engaged or thinking of finally preparing for their big day, make sure you get in contact with Swank Productions to ensure your dream wedding blossoms to reality.


Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces 2While although floral arrangements are the most common centerpieces in formal dinners, there are a number of other alternatives that are equally as stylish and fabulous. You can go for these alternatives if you have allergies and you don’t want them bothering you (or your guests) during dinner. Some classic centerpieces include paper flowers, candles, candelabras and themed decorations.

Sometimes people decide that they don’t want to do floral arrangements for their event. It is important to keep in mind that these alternatives are not always cheaper and can be sometimes even more expensive.

Luckily, Swank Productions are experts in this area and have put together a list of alternative centerpieces:

Paper Flower Arrangements

Centerpieces 3It’s hard to believe, but in this picture we have a paper flower arrangement. This is an ideal solution for anyone that suffers allergies. These paper floral arrangements are the perfect alternative to real flowers and unlike real flowers, they last forever!


We even organised a whole wedding dedicated to this idea. Be sure to check out more pictures of our Paper Flower Wedding.

Themed Decorations

A centerpiece is an ideal feature that helps express an events theme. A centerpiece can be a decoration that represents a theme. Below is an example of a centerpiece for a nautical wedding. The yacht centerpieces also had the table numbers written on them.

A decoration will allow you to get creative with your centerpiece and lets you express and exaggerate your theme.



Herbs imitate flowers very well with the green colors and the beautiful smells. Like in the picture below, herbs can be placed in creative glassware and this is very good money-saving alternative.


To create a romantic and more intimate centerpiece, why not try using some candles. The candles can be on own their own or you can pair them up with some other decorations. There is an un-ending amount of centerpieces that you can use with candles and there light._DSC3548 copy2 copy

This is all about thinking outside the box and making your centerpiece unique. If you’re engaged or planning on getting married and want your wedding brought to the next level, be sure to get in contact with Swank Productions.

Also, check out our Swank Decor Sale on pinterest to purchase decorations for any event that you may be hosting.

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Winter Wonderland Corporate Holiday Party at Gotham Hall

Winter Wonderland Holiday Event at Gotham Hall

Corporate holiday party theme takes SWANK’s designs to the ends of the earth.

How to transform a space is always the challenge, and particularly challenging when that space is as grand as the ballroom space at Gotham Hall.  For this corporate client , we were tasked with transforming the colossal room into a party theme drawing inspiration from the arctic.  As far as corporate holiday party themes go, ‘Winter Wonderland’ is one of our favorites and an excellent choice for an office holiday party – non-denominational, seasonal, and rich with decorative possibilities.

Tables were sheathed in lustrous silver lamour linens, with votives ensconced in mounded acrylic ice fragments and drifted swirling artificial snow – the juxtaposition of fire and ice as dynamic and beautiful as ever.

Massive eight-foot tall emperor penguins flanked the doorway and greeted guests with their trademark black-tie sophistication.  Their brethren flocked the room, paired off in smaller sizes as centerpieces on the icy tabletops – his and hers penguins with he in bow tie, she in vintage jewels – their very presence added humor and festivity to a party theme which could easily have gone cold.  Standing sentry atop the bar, another eight foot pair seemed to be taking it all in with characteristic aloofness.

To finish the theme, and transform the space completely, SWANK partnered with legendary NYC Lighting design team Bentley Meeker, who made good use of the soaring, vaulted dome.  Using state of the art laser-cut gobos, their team projected a boreal forest of festive evergreen shapes around the ceiling, simultaneously projecting swirling snow dust and oversized six-point snowflakes onto the walls.  With an aurora borealis color story, and a youthful graphic style, the massive space was transformed into a kind of real life snow globe – awe inspiring, dramatic, but also whimsical and fun – all of which your next party should be!